Thursday, April 7, 2011

Destruction, or is it.

विलोलवीचिवल्लरीविराजमानमूर्धिनि िकशोरचन्द्रशेखरे रतिः प्रतिक्षणं मम
I have a very deep interest in Lord Shiva, whose head is glorified by the rows of moving waves of the celestial river Ganga, agitating in the deep well of his hair-locks, and who has the brilliant fire flaming on the surface of his forehead, and who has the crescent moon as a jewel on his head.
..... Why Shiva?Going through the pain of Death, there is no other Power I can think of.
In the past two months I have questioned myself and destiny and Lord of lords.

Thanks to all kins and friends who asked me if I still believed in God. Got messages like - It is cruel of God.
Death is inevitable,then why do we get so amused when it commences.
When I thought of it deeply, I discovered that it hurts because we forget about it during the happy days.
When he was being taken away from our house for his last yatra , I noticed the priest freeing him from all the knots , even the rakhi I tied him. It saddened me even more , but later I realized the soul that has left the body has to be freed from all bandhans so that the Mrityu yatra is completed in true senses and the new heavenly journey begins.I wiped my tears , and been praying for a happy journey for him ahead. Regarding the ones left here- There is a lesson- the awashyamgami Death can knock anytime, Mrityulok is actually a litmus test chemical we get soaked in, and we begin to think this is it. It is about the patience and divinity to see beyond.
Shiv strotam is the sole tune that has been comforting me deeply. I am still trying to fight the materialistic sister in me, but I have realized somewhere , his soul will always be connected to mine through the supreme soul of Shiva . The cause of being on earth is clearer to me now. and, I am bound to do what I have pledged. To work towards the comfort of sufferers on earth, the way he did. and selfless.
The only thing that comforts me as well.

No, God is Kind.very Kind, life is beyond what we see, the moment we realize this, the pain begins to subside. Souls basic nature is to be happy, we have no rights to keep it unhappy. It begins to seek peace on its own after a while. Insecurity arises the moment we switch back to the thought- this is it. This is the only life we get to live. Yes, for sure - we get bodies to put to an act, and we must take this as an opportunity and do the best as a performance from a being.
Death isn't the end, it is a beginning. It is a promotion if one acts well. He acted supremely and I am sure he is having a better way up in heaven. when I say up for heaven, it is my belief that It is way above the levels we have here on earth.
Peace to you my dear Brother.

धराधरेन्द्रनन्दिनीविलासबन्धुबन्धुर स्फुरद्दिगन्तसन्ततिप्रमोदमानमानसे कृपाकटाक्षधोरणीनिरुद्धदुर्धरापदि क्वचिद्दिगम्बरे मनो विनोदमेतु वस्तुनि
May my mind seek happiness in the Lord Siva, in whose mind all the living beings of the glorious universe exist, who is the sportive companion of Parvati (daughter of the mountain king), who controls invincible hardships with the flow of his compassionate look, who is all-pervasive (the directions are his clothes).

Glory to u Oh Shiva, whose Tandav is also param sundar!
I seek power from you to further enact the role You have given me to perform.

Seeking strength for a mother and a father.

Hare Krushna!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lata Mageshkar-The Mustaqil Jewel of India!!

No,this isn't for you to read If you have no Love for Meaningful and Rich lyrics voiced by a Voice that is capable of entrancing you!!

The voice that leads to soul searching if it sings spiritually, The Voice that makes you drool if it sings romantically,the voice that gets tears in your eyes after trembling if she sings patriotically and ...

Born to Goan folks in Indore,after having Lost her father in an early age, the responsibilities came on to her,the eldest child in the family. Coming from an ordinary background otherwise,the extra ordinary Lataji started her career at an early age of 13, when she started singing and acting for Marathi Theater.

Then she was mentored by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan Bhendibazaarwale till he migrated to Pakistan after partition. Later,Amanat Khan Devaswale guided her. Pandit Tulsidas Sharma, a pupil of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, also trained her.

Guided by legends themselves,lata ji developed her own style of singing later.

Aayega Aanewala (Mahal,1949; Khemchand Prakash) - This was the song that defined the beginning of the Mangeshkarian magic and transformed Madhubala into an instant living legend. Ironically, Madhubala didn't lip-sync it on screen at all ! It was played in the background. But what an impact it made! With one song Lataji wiped away all the careers of existing female singers.
She gave new colors to the very charming and dignified actresses ,Be it Meena Kumaris last film Pakeezah or Madhubalas very famous anarkali avtaar in Mughal-e-azam.The songs from these two films created History.

My personal fave that got her first filmfare was aaja re pardesi..A truly enchanting songs leaves me shaken in my heart and wet eyes!Ahh, how she claims life on the lost Love!

The another very touchy song that came from her was Kahin deep jale kahin dil..the high pitched song of haunting dimensions got her yet another filmfare.

The list is never ending,her association with RD Burman gave loads of Meaningful songs to Indian Cinema Lovers and beyond.

She recorded duets with all the leading male singers of her era, including Mukesh, Manna Dey, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar and contributed Majorly to the Indian Music.

The very simple Lata Ji is always seen clad in a sober saree, and the innocence reflects Not only in her magical voice but also in her entire persona!

She gave a new Life to every song that she sang, of so many moods. Sad Songs,happy songs,wedding songs,patriotic songs,Vibrant songs,Dancing Numbers, Spiritual songs,Hers is the voice that creates Magic in the song.

She resides in the heart of million Indians who has grown up listening to her songs.

Her voice was an important factor that so many Tinsel town damsels could look so beautiful performing on songs of different Moods.

Her command over Hindi,urdu and marathi is incredible and the legends in the Music Industry have tried enough to wait for the day the Queen of Melody goes wrong with her sur and taal.. But it seems the Queen has it in her system.. the perfection!!

Bharat Ratna in true sense..Her simplicity is her jewel and a simple noble heart is what makes her The LATA MANGESHKAR!!

Salute to the Living legend!!

Long Live the Queen of Million hearts.................!!!The Nightingale!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

....Saanware rang raachi .. Nit baat niharu main shyaam tumhari...Haan Haan ye raat ujiyaari..Anhad naad jaap hai mera.. Behti aankhon ka hai ka-jal..syaah sringaar tumhe rijhaane ko...Kahao to zara kab aaogey??
Nyochawar hai Tan Man Pran tum par-Nahin jo aaye,nisthur kanha tum kehlaaogey,
Praano ke adhar ho tum,mere premawataar ho tum,kya megh ke aane par aaoge?
Mayur jo de saath,us nritya par saaz sazaaoge?Murli bajakar usey rijhaaogey..bhent karey wo jo pankh tumhe fir...usey shirodharyaa kar ...vipin vilasi kehlaaogey..Kaho zara kab aaogey?
Gopiyon ko naach nachate ho,Purn chandrama ki ujali raat main,kramika nritya kar tum raas bihaari to kehlaaoge..Naa aaye meri pukar pe jo tum kanha..Tum virahan ko jaalogey..Kaho na kanha kab aaogey?

Dau bhaiya ki pukar pe thumak ke jo aate ho,Nand baba ki dhenu chara
Dhenu charaiya bhi kehlate ho
Vasudev,devki ke sahare
Tum,maa yashoda ke kehlate ho
Us kaali yamuna ko chukar tum uska bhi maan barate ho..
Is nirjiv ki sajeev pukar pe kab aaogey,kaho na Manohar kab aaoge?

Khoju chaunh or tumhe.. Ye aankhen ab pathrai ..
Kab Doge daras raat fir gehrai..
Mujhme base ho tum girdhar..
kabir ne to kaha tha- khoji ho to turat hi milahi hou pal bhar ki talaash main..
Meera ne bhi bhaja tha..wo rahi tuhari aas main
.............maya ka tana bana bahut bun liya Hari
nirvan ka pal jo mera hoga . Jab tum aaogey..Kaho na Mohan kab aaoge??


ye baatein..
ghari do ghari bhar ki baatein banti kabhy
Kabhy raat se subah ke faasle mitati baatein
suabh ke sooraj ke saath ugati kabhy,saanjh ke saath dhalti ye baatein
Dopahri main banti kabhy,to kabhi raat ki chadar banti ye baatein
Har waqt hoti ye baatein............
Ye koi jaane na.kaise kisi ko azzez banati baatein
kabhy dukh ka,kabhy sukoon ka sabab banti baatein
Kisso ki kahaniyo ki Baatein,afsano ki baatein
Rijhaati lubhaati baatein ,ban jaati hai jab banta hai koi apna
kabhy banate hai hum ye itlaathi baatein
Ye aasama dharti ki baatein, Ye raasto manzilo ki baatein..
kabhy manzil se bandhti baatein ,kabhy faasle badati baatein..
Chuppi ke virah ko barati baatein,Saaz si sajti baatein
andhere se larta koi ,ujale se karta hai,baaton ke safar ko poora karta hai
saheliyon ki khilkhilati baatein,toh kabhy premiyo ke khwaabo khayalo ki baatein
dosto ke umang utsah ki baatein,Kabhy kisi virhan ka dukh baant'ti baatein
Kabhy mohan meera ki baatein, Kabhy saadhu santo ki baatein
Desh prem se sarabor kabhy, to kabhy vidroh ki baatein,
sannate ki, toh kabhy cheetkarti baatein
chahat to hoti kabhy,nafrat ke pyale bharti kabhy ye baatein
Har haar ki,har dilaase ki ye baatein........bhooli bisari kabhy,kabhy yaad karati ye baatein.
paharo si unchi kabhy,saagar si gehri ye baatein
neele ambar ki kabhy,kabhy kaale megh ki baatein,
gali nukkad pe milti,ghardwar main sajti kabhy baatein,
baithak ki shaan kabhy,andheri kothri ki baatein
haat main hoti kabhy,thakurdware ki baatein
Har jagah bas baatein hi baatein................

gehri baatein,satahi baatein .. Baaton ki hai duniya saari ..
Baaton se hi chakraviyuh banta hai ..
Karaar dilati baatein , bekraar karti baatein ..
Shabdo ka hai khel saara,bhaawnao ka mel karati baatein...

Ye batiyaati baatein!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Baaton Baaton main Yun hi wo baat yaad aayi...

Badal gayi thi Jab raahein wo raat yaad aayi...!!

Majboor Halaat..aur Uski majbooriyan....

Yun hi Barti gayi rishto main dooriyaan..

Choohth gaya sab kuch.. Bar gayi main

pakra saahas, uthaya haunsla-Dekha us humraah ko,

Aur, Uski rahoon se mur gayi main..!

Tanha tha safar, Par rasta mera tha,

Bikhre hue patto ka bana naya aashiyana-sirf mera tha!

Ab na koi ajnabee, na koi paraya

Na koi aahat, na koi chaaya..!!

Apne hi hai raaste, Pehchaan Purani hai..

Khatam hua Dana waha.. To ghar yaad aaya,

Fir se ek baar purana safar yaad aaya..!

Naye Pankho ki hai uraan..Ab yakeen mera hai..

Zamee hi nahi.. aasama mera hai..

Chu liya hai Jindagi ne mujhe, Upar kahin sarmaaya mera hai...

Naye hai kadam , thirak rahi hu main.. Nayi Jindagi ki khusboo se mehek rahi hu main!!

Yaadein hai bas purani... Baaki sab naya hai.. Is nayepan ki jindagi main chehak rahi hu main!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Chehre- jaane anjaaane se...

Chehre...kuch ajnabee,kuch pehchaane se..

Chehre hi kuch ki pehchaan hai.

Lag gaya hai haat sa- chehre hi yahan ab dukaan hai..

Ameer pita ka chehra uske bete ki shaan hai..

Gareeb pita ka chehraa khota apni santaan hai..

Koi pita ka chehraa khota uski pehchaan hai...

Le jaao koi nakli muskuraahat wala chehra..

Sneh ki aankhon se mehroom chehre is haat ki pehchaan hai!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Nainital-The heart is where Home is..and i am blessed to open my small eyes in such a naturally beautiful Town..The canopy of clouds,and the rays of brighter sun...The reflecting blue,and, sometimes green lake...The mall road...which from my side of house looks like a deserted street,beautiful..tempting to walk on...The magnificent China peak hill..the edgy hill..
The flats-beautiful flat land bustling with the tourists and the shopkeepers from the other side of the hill..small commercial set up amidst the beautiful hills,disturbs the melody a little,but as soon as a cloud rests upon the lake..everything changes..the Rain drops that fall on the lake treat the ears with a different melody..the eyes celebrate a heavenly sight.The nature is living virgin here,despite the human efforts to spoil the ceremony.
The lush green hills has been painted concrete now,but each window opens to the sight of the deep naini lake...Maa Nandas temple on the shore.. The bells of which add up to the heavenly touch of the town!Five minutes of a walk from the temple takes you to the gurudwara sahib,and a little further the mosque, Ten minutes from there,the beautiful Catholic church links you to divinity.The dawn to dusk is a celebration here.
Drive north to Bhowali...The long deodar to freshen up your breaths,the ears starts choking and the feel of freshness mixes up with purity..this is a different bliss..Keep going to spot an island ..Bhimtal..Deeper lake..Beautiful green hills again...I wish to be breathing in these hills again...where life is simple,sights are beautiful and....the depth and heights takes you to a different trance..!!